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HBO Max brings audio descriptions feature for visually impaired users

The video streaming service HBO Max has added audio descriptions to the platform to enable visually impaired users to better understand what happens in the videos they watch.

Broadcast service HBO Max publishes audio descriptions feature for visually impaired users that provide more detail in videos. Thanks to the new feature, what is happening in each scene is explained in detail in the videos watched.

Important feature for the visually impaired from HBO Max

HBO Max will expand its audio descriptions feature, which currently covers approximately 1,500 hours of content, with at least 6,000 hours of content until the end of March 2023. For the shows and movies with the new feature, access to the feature will be available from the subtitle settings under the video player.

Dan Spoone, President of the US Council of the Visually Impaired: “This process has been extremely positive and will open many doors for visually impaired or visually impaired individuals to enjoy what HBO Max has to offer in terms of entertainment and education. allows it to share equally with family and friends. ” made statements.

This option is currently available on the website and mobile apps, but not yet in TV apps.

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