Handheld console may be coming from Valve: “SteamPal” name leaked

Valve seems to be taking its first step into the console industry very soon. According to the information leaked by SteamDB, information about a device named SteamPal was detected in Steam’s latest update. 

One of the leaders of the game world, Valve may be working on a handheld console .SteamDB According to the information leaked today , information about a device named SteamPal was detected in the latest update of Steam . There are quite a few interesting details in the codes in question.

It has been determined that SteamPal has the code name “Neptune” in the codes found by SteamDB . Code in Neptune / steampal about “the neptunegamescollectio” , “steampal / neptunen Game” and  “steampal Games / gamelist_view_neptunegames” As has been seen, where the reference. It is also stated that there are information about controller settings , quick access menu and system settings such as airplane mode , wifi , and bluetooth .

It is clear that Neptune / SteamPal is a Valve proprietary hardware, but of course we do not know exactly what it is for now. Valve boss Gabe Newell said in a recent interview, “Will Steam release games to consoles?” ” You will get a very good answer about this by the end of the year “. In addition, we know that Gabe Newell often meets with Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

We’ll probably learn more details about SteamPal soon.

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