Guggenheim Co-Founder Todd Morley Says Ethereum Is More Useful Than Bitcoin


Guggenheim co-founder Todd Morley said Ethereum “benefits much higher” than Bitcoin.

Guggenheim co-founder Todd Morley said Ethereum “benefits much higher” than Bitcoin. Morley, who is currently head of the blockchain project Overline, is building a wireless protocol and “the world’s largest NFT museum.”

Todd Morley, co-founder and former director of Guggenheim Partners, said Ethereum has “much higher utility” than Bitcoin. Speaking to Bloomberg TV on Monday, Morley said Bitcoin is important but “Ethereum offers a much higher benefit through smart contracts .”

According to Morley, sectors that do not have a technology strategy to digitize are “bankrupt”. He gave an example of the insurance industry and said that such industries should have a better technology strategy.

According to Morley, blockchain technology is moving very fast towards other parts of the world. For example, app developers at Ethereum stated that they grew 20 times steadily over six years. The large-scale distribution of Ethereum’s utility function and access to assets is not fully realized, Morley said. Therefore, he also announced that they hope to be leaders in this regard.

What is Overline.Network?

Morley is currently president of the blockchain project Overline Network, which creates a wireless protocol . Overline, formerly Block Collider, is an interoperability protocol that allows users to move and trade freely, according to the website, that can connect all blockchains, including Bitcoin, to decentralized finance (DeFi).


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