Google will show you which of your data apps in the Play Store are using


 Thanks to the new security section announced by Google, users will have information about what data of the applications in the Play Store is collected and used for what purpose.

Google announced that it is working on a new security section , saying that developers in the Play Store should share details of the types of data collected and stored by their apps with the user and explain how the information is used .

By 2022, users will be able to see tags

Late last year, Apple launched privacy tags to inform users of exactly what data apps in the App Store are collecting and how it’s used. About 4 months after Apple launched the feature, Google announced in a blog post that it would bring a similar feature to the Play Store.

Google will ask developers to share what types of data their apps collect and store, such as approximate or precise location, contacts, personal information (such as name and email address), photos, videos, and audio files. In addition, it will be stated how and for what purpose this given is used.

According to the timeline targeted by Google, the new policy will be shared in Q3 of 2021, new policy requirements and resources, including detailed guidance on app privacy policies. Developers will be able to start reporting information on the Google Play Console from Q4 of this year, and users will be able to view this information on Google Play from the first quarter of 2022 . The deadline for developers to submit information for all existing and new applications is the second quarter of 2022.

Google said this chart is the targeted chart and the dates are subject to change .

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