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Google will offer two-step verification by default

With the post it shared as part of World Password Day, Google will soon begin offering two-step verification by default rather than optional.

Search giant Google made the announcement about the upcoming change in a blog post for World Cipher Day . Optional 2-factor authentication, or as Google put it, two-step verification , will now be offered by default.

‘Passwords will be a thing of the past’

Google says it will soon start automatically turning on 2-step verification for everyone as long as their account is set up correctly, and users’ accounts are compatible.Security check He states that they can do it with. The company is asking people who sign up for two-step verification to verify that they really are, with a simple tap on their phone via a Google prompt when they sign in.

In the blog post, Google said: “You may not be aware of it, but passwords are the biggest threat to your online security. They are easy to steal, difficult to remember and tedious to manage. Many people believe a password should be as long and complex as possible, but in many cases this can actually increase the security risk. encourages them to use them for multiple accounts , which makes all those accounts vulnerable if any of them fall . ” gave place to his statements.

The company does not provide an exact date on when to offer two-step verification by default, and the company hopes that stolen passwords will be a thing of the past because passwords will be out of our lives .

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