Google sets the date for quantum computers: first commercial release will arrive by 2029

During the annual developer conference, Google shared what they think about the future of quantum computers. The company wants to speed up the work with the new campus it has opened. 

Google sets the date for quantum computers first commercial release will arrive by 2029

Technology giant Google , I / O 2021 has announced plans for a quantum computer within the scope of activity. In a statement made by the company, it was stated that they aim to create a commercial level quantum computer by 2029 .

New campus for quantum studies

Google also introduced its new Quantum AI campus located in Santa Barbara, USA . The new campus includes the company’s first quantum data center, quantum hardware research labs, and its own quantum processor manufacturing facilities.

Google said that thanks to the new campus, it will accelerate new scientific discoveries and solutions for some of the world’s pressing problems, such as sustainable energy, more useful artificial intelligence, and work against global warming.

Google Quantum chief engineer of AI Erik Lucero : “Quantum computers, which reflect the complexity of real-world molecule naturally can roam the superposition of a complex situation quantum bits, or” cubit “are used. Incorrect quantum computer, how it behaves of molecules and we can that simulates interact, so cost We can test and invent new chemical processes and new materials before investing in real-life prototypes. ” gave place to his statements.

According to Google, these new computing capabilities will help accelerate the discovery of better batteries, energy efficient fertilizers and targeted drugs, as well as improved optimization, new AI architectures and more.

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