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Google reveals the negative impact of climate change on the world geography

Google introduced the Google Earth feature, which shows how the world geography has changed. With the help of the time machine, it is possible to see the negative effects of climate change.

Google Earth has been updated with a new feature that lets you see how the planet’s surface has changed since 1984. With the help of the new “time machine”, it is possible to trace how devastating the effects of climate change are.

To give users an idea of how Earth’s geography is changing, Google used more than 24 million satellite images taken from 1984 to 2020. As a result, a large-scale video mosaic of 4.4 therapeutic was created. You can see the deplorable result of this work in the video below.

The point reached in the years is sad

You can evaluate the operation of the new function by selecting the Voyager tab in the online version of Google Earth. The service offers chronological trips dedicated to changing forests, urban growth, the consequences of warming, and mining.

The company also posted 800 videos available for free download from around the world. Google is confident that such material will be used by educators, nonprofits and even politicians to showcase the Earth’s changing geography over time.

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