Google News Showcase opened to desktop access

The News Showcase program, which was created as part of Google’s request to bring its users to reliable news, can now be accessed from the desktop. 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the Google News Showcase program, which has allocated a $ 1 billion fund to offer paid license options to news publishers , was launched last October. Limited to Android and iOS since its launch, the program is now available on desktop.

News Showcase is now accessible from desktop

By working with reliable and well-established news organizations, Google aims for the News Showcase to contain much more qualified content. The news of the organizations included in the program, which can now be accessed from the desktop, can be viewed with the cards under the heading ‘ Most read news ‘.

The News Showcase can also be accessed directly from the navigation pane on the left. Users will be able to follow the local, national and global news of the publishers included in the program.

Although the company aims to provide its users with the most accurate information by avoiding increasing information pollution and false news, the program is currently available in only 8 countries. Google aims to expand the program with more countries in the future.

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