Google Maps gets safe route

Google Maps will now show users the fastest route as well as the most reliable routes. Thus, users will not enter the roads that are or are likely to experience a sudden blockage. 

Google Maps gets safe route

Generally, navigation apps aim to take users through the fastest route available. Or it allows the user to choose by specifying one or two alternative routes. Google Maps will change that a bit. 

The safest route

According to the announcement at the Google I / O conference, Google Maps will now include an option for safe routing. The safe route option tries to choose the roads where there is no congestion by analyzing factors such as weather, road conditions and traffic.

Thus, users will be able to prefer safer but traveling at normal speed, not fast routes where sudden congestion may occur. Google emphasizes that with the safe route application, they can prevent 100 million vehicle accidents a year. In the coming weeks, the safe route feature will begin to be integrated into the Google Maps platform. 

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