Google Lens technology integrated into the desktop version of Google Photos

Google has integrated its AI-powered image recognition service into the desktop version of Google Photos. Users will now be able to copy text from photos with OCR technology.

Search giant Google has expanded the usage area of the artificial intelligence-supported image recognition service. As you know, Google Lens has been used in Image Search and mobile applications for a long time. It is now integrated into the desktop version of Google Photos.

Google Lens, which automatically activates when you open a photo, allows you to copy the text by recognizing the text in the image. For this, it uses optical character recognition technology, also known as OCR. Text translation and object recognition features are not yet available in the web version.

It entered our lives in 2017

Google Lens technology was announced at the Google I / O 2017 conference. Initially, it was only available for Pixel smartphones, but later it became available for devices from other manufacturers. Using Google Lens, you can get detailed information about the plant, object or animal you direct your camera to.

Google Lens, which can translate foreign language road signs and other articles in real time, also helps you reach details about important points around you, clothing items, a painting you see in a book or museum.

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