Google launches new document browser: Stack


Developed by Google’s experimental product development team, Area 120, the Stack application allows you to automatically categorize your documents by scanning.

Google has launched a new experimental application called Stack, which can help you digitally organize your paperwork. Developed by Google’s Area 120 team, the application will help you digitize your documents, receipts and many other documents and then automatically save them to Google Drive.

Organize your documents with Google Stack

Like most document scanners, Stack uses your phone’s camera to scan a document such as a receipt, invoice or bank statement. The app also names the document using Google’s smart features such as language recognition and optical character recognition and automatically suggests the correct category to be included.

The app also strips other important details from the documents, such as account numbers, total amounts due on invoices, and deadlines. This feature makes it easier to copy shapes and text to other applications, messages or e-mails. Current integrated search also allows users to navigate through documents using keywords.

As for security, Stack can be locked with face recognition or fingerprint. The application can also save copies of documents to Google Drive.

The application has a limited usage area in the USA for the following. Since the application is in an experimental stage, there is no information about whether the usage area will be expanded or not.

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