Google launched its website where you can create 3D animations in a few clicks

Google has launched its Monster Mash site, where you can create 3D animations in a few clicks and have a better animation creation process.

Google has released a new tool for learning the basics of 3D animation. Monster Mash helps beginners experience the whole process, from turning a simple drawing into an animation project to making it feel like a Disney or Pixar employee.

Monster Mash is more suitable for beginners and offers a lot of possibilities for them. The site allows you to draw both a simple and complex picture and animate it in a few clicks. Then the finished project can be saved to your computer or you can continue editing in other software.

Source codes are also published

First you need to draw the object showing the moving limbs. If the angle doesn’t allow you to see them, you can tell the AI about it: double click on an arm or leg and highlight it in red. After completing the drawing, it needs to be converted into 3D animation. The next step is to create a ready-made template. This stage includes inclination correction, limb movement, and more.

The developers have also published the source code on GitHub. The process of creating animated scenes seems simplified. But keep in mind that this is one of the first stages of learning 3D animation and will help you understand the basics of techniques that will be useful.

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