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Google introduced its own chip that YouTube uses to process videos faster: Argos

YouTube introduced the Argos chip, which is used to process video uploaded by a creator using different compression formats and optimize them for different screen sizes.

Google has developed a special chip called Argos to further enhance YouTube’s capabilities . The company recently shared details about the chip at the ASPLOS Conference. YouTube’s on the topicblog According to his article, Argos has been specially developed to convert videos uploaded to the platform to various compression formats and to optimize them for different screen sizes.

AV1 codec support added

Scott Silver, YouTube’s vice president of engineering, said that a team of about 100 Google engineers designed the first-generation chips in 2015. Silver announced that Google has gradually started using the second generation Argos chips that have taken video compression one step further in recent months.

In the blog post, it was stated that up to 20-33 times improvements in computing efficiency were seen compared to previous optimized systems running software on traditional servers , and the time required to process 4K video was reduced to hours instead of days .

The company also cites the addition of AV1, a new advanced coding standard that compresses more efficiently than the VP9 and has an even higher computing load to encode, as one of the most important things they do on the next-generation chip.

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