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Google expands Android Auto Beta testing program

Google is preparing to expand its test coverage in the Android Auto Beta program, now giving almost anyone with an Android phone a chance to participate.

Google has long been an Android Auto Beta program running. However, participation in this program was almost impossible before today. Those who tried to join would often get an error message saying the program had reached the maximum number of people. Fortunately, this issue seems to have been resolved. Google is expanding its program coverage, giving anyone with an Android device who wants to report beta bugs the opportunity to test the latest features of the platform before it goes public.

How to participate in the Android Auto Beta process?

To the beta program page created by Google from here, You can participate by visiting You can click on the phrase “Become a tester” and then download the Android Auto Beta version to your phone from the Google Play Store. If you stop using beta software afterward, it will be possible for you to leave the program via the same link.

As Google approaches the official release of Android 12, the company probably wants to avoid a repeat of last year’s version of Android 11. Besides having many issues as a whole when the OS was released, it also suffered from some bugs for Android Auto. So it’s hardly surprising that Google is now asking for more help testing the software.

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