Google Chrome’s dinosaur game, which is played when there is no internet, comes to iPhones as a widget

Google is preparing to roll out Chrome widgets for iOS. One of the widgets that will come to iPhones in the near future is Dino, the iconic dinosaur game played in Chrome’s absence of internet.

One of the most important innovations that came with iOS 14 is undoubtedly the home screen widgets. Although many developers make their own widgets available at this point, some popular apps still do not have widget support. One of these applications is Google Chrome.

Google, which has been working on widgets for Chrome for a while, is nearing the end of its work. So much so that in the last beta version of the application, which was tested with a limited number of users, it was seen that the widgets were made available.

Perhaps the most striking of the widgets developed for Chrome is Chrome Dino Game. Because the iconic dinosaur game, which many people play when there is no internet, can be accessed quickly thanks to this widget.

There are two more widgets that are supported with Chrome Dino Game. The first of these is the search widget that allows users to quickly search on Google, while the second is the quick actions widget that offers more advanced search. With this widget, users can search the incognito tab with a single click, and if they wish, they can also search by voice and QR code as well as text search. Widgets are expected to be added to Google Chrome’s iOS app in the near future.

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