Google announced the release date of Android 12

Search giant Google officially announced when it will introduce the Android 12 operating system it has been testing for months. The event will traditionally begin with Sundar Pichai’s speech.

Google has published a schedule of I / O 2021 events. The company will introduce the long-awaited Android 12 at this event, which will take place on May 18 .

Surprise features can be introduced

Classically, the three-day Google I / O conference will start with the speech of CEO Sundar Pichai , and the CEO of Google will open an opening to introduce Android 12 , which has been tested for several months . The newest version of the operating system will have functions both developed by Google and already available on iOS . This is not surprising , as the two competing operating systems have become more and more similar in recent years .

After the presentation , there will be a second developer’s talk showing how to best use new technologies and APIs on Android 12 . It is worth noting that until the day of the event, Google did not release the entire program in advance , as it wanted to keep some innovations secret . At least, there will be talk of accessibility, advertising, augmented reality, Google Assistant, machine learning, and the smart home. We will share with you everything interesting that will be explained at Google I / O on May 18-20 .

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  1. With Android 12.1, or whatever the actual release name will be, Google is introducing a new default wallpaper that’s much more abstract. It’s artwork-like in nature, though it could still be a photograph.

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