Google and Samsung collaborate for new Wear operating system

Google announced their new collaboration with Samsung as part of the I / O developer conference. Both companies bring Wear OS and Tizen under one roof. 

Google announced at the I / O 2021 event that they will work with Samsung for future smartwatch work. The company said it has merged Wear OS with Samsung’s Tizen-based software platform. Thanks to this merger, features such as faster-starting applications and longer battery life will be offered to users.

Google and Samsung cooperation

Looking at the statements made, the aim seems to be to gather the good aspects of both platforms in one place. The common platform they created is called ‘ Wear ‘.

As a result of the collaboration between Google and Samsung , there are significant improvements in battery life, 30% faster apps loading and smoother animations. Also, multitasking between smartwatch widgets and apps will get much easier.

“Samsung and Google have a long history of collaboration. We now bring the best of Wear and Tizen to a single, unified platform. Working together, we take the strengths of each and put them into faster performance, longer battery life,” Google said in a statement. and we’ve been able to put together more of the apps you love in one hour. ” gave place to his statements.

The collaboration does not only involve two companies. Google stated that all device manufacturers can add a customized user experience on top of the platform and use the Android tools that developers already know and love for a single platform and ecosystem.

It has also been confirmed by Samsung that the next Galaxy Watch will run on this unified platform, and future Fitbit devices will also run this software.

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