Google admitted: We made it almost impossible to hide location data

A lawsuit against Google revealed how hard the company makes it for smartphone users to keep their location data private. 

In a lawsuit against Google , the newly unregulated documents reveal that the company’s own executives and engineers knew how difficult it was for smartphone users to keep location data private .

Google employees admitted that the company can hardly hide the location of those who use its services . Even custom settings don’t help. This is evidenced by the documents in the Arizona Attorney General ‘s lawsuit against Google . The company is said to collect location data even when users turn off location sharing settings .

Smartphone manufacturers squeezed

Also, Google has made popular privacy settings harder to find, and has pressed LG and other smartphone manufacturers to hide settings that users have requested . It is noted that the only way to hide the location of home and work from Google is to set the addresses to a random location .

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office accuses Google of illegally collecting location data from a smartphone, even if users deny it .

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