GitHub gives achievement badge to developers who contribute to Mars helicopter software

 NASA’s Mars helicopter performed a flight that went down in the history of space research yesterday. GitHub gave a special badge to all the developers who contributed to the software of its helicopter, Ingenuity.

The US Space and Aviation Administration (NASA) successfully flew the mini helicopter Ingenuity , which it sent to Mars , yesterday. GitHub has given a special badge to all developers who directly or indirectly contribute to the software of Ingenuity , which made history as the first motor vehicle to perform controlled flight on another planet .

Approximately 12,000 developers on GitHub contributed to the open source software used in the mini helicopter . But most of these developers may not even know that they made the first helicopter flight on Mars possible . On the day that Ingenuity took off for the first time, GitHub added a ” Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission ” badge to the profiles of all contributing developers .

Many open source projects were used for the Mars helicopter

GitHub revealed that there are many open source projects and libraries used by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab team as part of the Ingenuity mission. Developers who contributed to these projects, which we can count as SciPy , Linux and F Prime, were awarded the special badge. The Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission badge can be seen in the achievements section of the GitHub profile .

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