Germany launches antitrust investigation for Google

The German Federal Cartel Office launched an investigation into Google’s umbrella company Alphabet’s allegations of anti-competitive and abuse of its dominant position. 

Germany ‘s antitrust agency announced today that it has launched an investigation into allegations of anti-competitive practices against Google’s European units and parent company Alphabet .

Are users given enough choice?

After a similar measure was taken against Amazon and Facebook this year, the German Federal Cartel Office announced that the investigation will evaluate whether the technology giant Google has given users enough choice on how to use their data . Authorities will also conduct an in-depth analysis of Google’s data processing requirements to see if Alphabet has a ” strategic advantage ” from the information it collects from users . 

Andreas Mundt, Head of the Federal Cartel Office, said : ” Because of the large number of digital services Google offers, such as the Google search engine, YouTube, Google Maps, the Android operating system or the Chrome browser, the company can be considered to be extremely important in terms of market competition. Other companies. this is often very difficult to challenge power. ” he said .

Google, on the other hand, has not yet commented on this investigation initiated by Germany .

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