Germany has enough lithium reserves for 400 million electric vehicles

Having discovered a huge Lithium reserve under the Rhine, experts state that 400 million electric vehicles will meet the battery needs. However, big investment is required to separate this reserve.

The popularity of electric vehicles today has increased the demand for an already heavily used metal. This metal is of course Lithium used in batteries. For Lithium, where certain countries have large reserves, producing countries are naturally dependent on them. Lithium reserve discovered in Germany could strengthen Europe’s hand. 

Giant Lithium field

The Lithium reserve, which researchers recently discovered , lies under the river Rhine . The dimensions of the reserve bed are 330 Km long and 40 Km wide. It is stated that the resource to be produced here will meet the battery need of 400 million electric vehicles.

The huge reserve of Germany, Europe’s most important automaker, is very promising and may give the giants of this area such as Australia, China and Chile the chance to supply their own component without being dependent. In addition, it can prevent carbon emissions that will allow the project to travel to less countries during production. 

However, extracting this reserve requires delicate operations and requires a large investment. The metal in the form of the melt, which lies thousands of meters below the ground, needs to be extracted with great energy. Consequently, there are huge carbon emissions and environmental damage. An initiative is to build geothermal power plants to meet the necessary energy without polluting the environment, but it is anticipated that the local people will not be very keen on this. 

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