Game developers feel that Steam does not deserve the 30% share it takes

One of the cornerstones of PC gaming and almost unrivaled, Steam’s 30% share of games is an undeserved share according to developers.

Today, when we talk about PC gaming, one of the first names that come to mind is Steam. Steam, which has been almost a monopoly for many years, as you know, gets a 30% share of the games sold on its platform . Recently, a survey was conducted for game developers, and there were no surprising results.

According to the survey for the 30% share that Steam takes , only 3% of the developers say that Steam deserves this share . Another 3% says interestingly that Steam deserves more . The rest feel that Steam does not deserve this and the share should be reduced . 43% of those who accept think that Steam’s share should be between 10% and 15% .

As you know, Epic Games said that apart from the free games it gave, the share received from the developers was high, and it increased the share of its platform to 12%. In this way, we can say that it has become the only competitor of Steam. It is not known whether Steam will make a breakthrough in this regard, but Steam, which has not even made a statement on these issues for years , will continue things as they are.

Developers Have to Postpone Their Games Because of Covid-19

Interesting results came out in other polls held at the Annual Game Developers Conference . In the survey held in 2020, 33% of the developers said their games were delayed due to Covid-19 . In this year’s survey, this ratio increased to 44% . Covid-19 is not just independent studios; It has also affected major companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft or Square Enix . Games like Halo Infinite and Far Cry 6 also had to be postponed because of this.

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