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Galaxy S22 arrives in January with 200MP camera

The new member of the Galaxy S series, one of the most popular phone series in the Android world, S22 will arrive in January 2022 and the Ultra model is expected to come with a 200MP camera and S-Pen support.

With the announcement that the Galaxy Note series will not be updated in 2021, Samsung dropped us into the flagship space after the S21. Samsung’s original flagship Galaxy S22, which will relieve our longing a little with the Galaxy Z series coming in August, is eagerly awaited by the fans.

According to the latest claims, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S22 family at its event in January 2022 . Samsung, which previously introduced the S family around March, introduced the S21 series in January in 2021.

It will come with 200MP Olympus camera and S-Pen support

According to Korean sources, the S22 Ultra is expected to come with a 5-camera system designed by Olympus . One of these cameras is expected to be an Olympus branded 200MP camera , details about the other cameras are unknown. We’ve heard before that Samsung has stopped using a 200MP sensor for the S22 series, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Already one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile camera sensors, Samsung’s cooperation with a successful camera brand like Olympus will have good results. It should be noted that the camera systems developed with Olympus may only be exclusive to the Galaxy S22 Ultra .

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to come with S-Pen support, just like the S21 Ultra. Samsung announced last month that they will produce more devices with S-Pen support. We hope the S-Pen will be supported this year on S22s other than Ultra. With Samsung’s removal of the Ultra category, it is obvious that the standard versions have fallen out of favor, we hope Samsung will take steps in this regard.

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