Forza Horizon 5, Xbox’s beloved racing game, could set in Mexico

Forza Horizon 5, the new game of the racing game series Forza, one of the most important game series of Xbox, seems to take place in Mexico. You can find the details in our news.

We know almost no details about the new game of Forza Horizon , one of the popular and popular game series of the game world . However, it may have been clear where the game will take place recently .

Jez Corden from Windows Central recently shared a post stating that he wanted to go to Mexico and added a car emoji to his post. In response to this post, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb said that he started studying Spanish. Of course, these posts don’t seem to mean anything, but recently  Jeff Grubb joined a podcast .

He said that his conversation with Corden was about Forza Horizon 5 in the program named Iron Lords Podcast . So, although it is not official, the new game seems to take place in Mexico. Previously, there were some rumors that the game would take place in Japan . Let’s add that Jeff Grub has already conveyed a lot of correct information.

It is not known when Forza Horizon 5 will be released, but rumors from reliable sources indicate that the game will be released this year. If it will be released this year, it is highly likely to be announced at E3 next month .

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