Ford’s new SUV coupe Evos appeared in China

The 2021 Ford Evos coupe SUV model will be the first model produced under the company’s China 2.0 electrification plan. Here is the design and features of Ford Evos:

We are witnessing the introduction of brand new models within the scope of the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. In this context, Ford unveiled the new crossover model called Evos. The 2021 Ford Evos was developed by the Changan Ford subsidiary under the company’s China 2.0 plan.

The US manufacturer actually used the name Evos in a concept study it exhibited in 2011. That concept did not go into production, but was recorded as a preview of the new design language that the brand will adopt later. The same name is back 10 years later, but this time it has been given to a mass-produced crossover.

The 2021 Ford Evos has a very sporty structure and is described as a coupe SUV. At the front of the vehicle is a large grille with glossy black details. The lighting is divided into two, with slim LED daytime running lights at the top and main lighting just below them. The new Evos is also reminiscent of the electric Mustag Mach-E model in terms of its general structure.

The orange details that we encounter in the outer design of the Crossover are also included in the interior. We can say that the console, which does not include any physical keys, consists of a large screen. Combining a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and a 27-inch 4K multimedia system, this screen is 1.1 meters long. Using Ford’s SYNC + 2.0 system, this screen is a brand new interface and is supported by Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology.

In 2021 Ford Evos, which is planned to be kept up to date with OTA (over-the-air) update support, there is also the first virtual personal assistant of Mark. In addition, the level 2 autonomous driving technology that supports hands-free driving on divided roads is among the features of the coupe SUV. Details regarding the Evos’ powertrain are not yet clear.

The design of the 2021 Ford Evos is actually quite similar to the vehicle previously captured under camouflage on spy cameras and described as Mondeo’s successor. The large grille at the front, the recessed door handles and even the rim design are almost identical. It was rumored that the model in question would be named Mondeo Active. However, in the announcement that the production of Mondeo was terminated, it was clearly stated that the name Mondeo will not be used in Europe again.

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