First images from Netflix’s League of Legends animated series Arcane shared

The first images from League of Legends’ animated series Arcane, announced in 2019, were revealed and it was announced that the series will be broadcast on Netflix.

An animated series of League of Legends , one of the most popular games of today, was announced in 2019. The first images of the series named Arcane, which we have hardly heard from since then, were shared in the past hours.

It was previously announced that the series named Arcane will focus on two well-known characters from the League of Legends universe . We understand in this short video that it will be a story that is shaped around the characters Jinx and Vi . 

It was also announced that the series will air on Netflix and this fall . A clear release date and a long trailer will also be shared in the near future. You can find the aforementioned video below.

In recent weeks, it was revealed that Riot Games was hiring to build a Marvel-style cinematic universe . Details on that side will also emerge soon.

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