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Fast-than-sound airliner manufacturer Aerion shuts down

Aerion, who set out with giants such as Boeing and GE and developed the world’s first sound-faster business jet, decided to close unexpectedly. 

Aerion Supersonic, which made its name in partnership with giants such as Boeing and GE in the race to produce supersonic airliners and is in the process of producing the supersonic business jet called AS2, is closing.

Explaining that it had difficulty in finding sufficient funds in the current market conditions, the company surprised the investors with this sudden decision. The company that set out to produce the world’s first supersonic business jet,AS2 in 2023 He expected it to fly and enter service in 2025. Aerion, who has come a long way in the AS2, said that he seriously overcame the sonic explosion problem in the aircraft, which is expected to reach a speed of 1,671 km / h, thanks to its advanced hull design.

There are also different companies

The closure of Aerion, one of the most important companies that rolled up their sleeves to produce Concorde’s successor, does not mean an end for the industry in this sense. Boom Supersonic Developed by Overture, it awaits 2029 to bring the concept of a faster-than-sound passenger plane back to our lives.

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