Europe targets 3 million public charging stations by 2030

Increasing interest in electric vehicles with each passing day undoubtedly requires a strong charging station network in order to charge these vehicles.


Governments in many European countries have begun to set deadlines for a ban on new gasoline-powered car sales. As this will increase interest in electric vehicles, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association ( ACEA ) has recommended that the number of public electricity charging stations in Europe be increased to one million by 2025 .

3 million public charging stations by 2030

According to the European Observatory on Alternative Fuels ( EAFO ), there were 286,000 public charging points in Europe, compared to a total of 3.11 million EV and PHEV (rechargeable hybrid) in 2020 .

New EVs and PHEVs accounted for 10.5% of new cars sold in Europe in 2020, and EAFO estimates that the rate will rise to 20% by 2025 and 30% by 2030. With the increasing number of EV and PHEVs, the number of public charging points is also gaining importance. ACEA argues that to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, the number should be increased to 3 million by 2030, followed by 1 million charging stations by 2025 .


Public charging stations are mostly located in Europe in the Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and Italy. The Netherlands has the highest density in this regard, with 160.5 charging stations per 100 square kilometers and 4.4 EV and PHEV per charging station.

Many European countries offered non-refundable monetary assistance to people for the establishment of public charging stations. France and the Netherlands allow EV or PHEV owners to apply to install a public charging station near their home.

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