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Ethereum’s value surpasses PayPal

Ethereum, which reached an all-time high this week, outpaced PayPal’s market value. Gradually he started to approach the next big companies.

While Bitcoin’s market value is struggling with the market value of major commodities, Ethereum has also started to challenge the world giants. It surpassed PayPal while hitting an all-time high this week.

How much is Ethereum?

At the beginning of the pandemic, Ethereum , which went down to the level of $ 80, gave its investors fearful days. Many investors who could not foresee the future of these days had to cut losses and switch to different crypto units.

Afterwards, Ethereum , which was especially behind the Decentralized Finance – DeFi wind, entered a rapid upward trend. Breaking down the resistances one after another, Ethereum almost doubled its previous high, with the effect of the general condition of the market.

Ethereum reached an all-time high of $ 2789 this week, reaching a market share of around $ 321 billion. Thus, it surpassed PayPal, which has a market share of around $ 318 billion.
Ethereum seems to have a way to go, given the positive state of the market. In the upcoming period, we can see new records when its efficiency is ensured with updates to the network.

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