Ethereum surpasses $ 3100, Vitalik Butterin becomes one of the youngest billionaires

Developing the world’s largest smart contract network, Vitalik Butterin has become one of the youngest dollar billionaires today. The amount of Ethereum it sells alone is around half a billion dollars.

Ethereum, which is considered the second largest asset of the crypto money market, is breaking records one after another. The Ethereum unit that destroyed the dams of $ 3000 and then $ 3100 made its founder a billionaire. 

Doesn’t say a billion to a billion

Ethereum almost flew from the bottom of the $ 80 level for a period and today it has passed the $ 3100 level. Ethereum, which surpassed PayPal’s market value last week, surpassed Bank of America this week .

Ethereum, which is considered the largest smart contract network in the world, has reached a market value of 360 billion dollars in total. This figure is more than the market value of Bank of America and Disney . Ethereum is ahead of Facebook with $ 923 billion, Bitcoin with $ 1.079 trillion and Silver with $ 1.4 trillion. 

Ethereum will continue to soar if the market does not break its bullish momentum. It is stated that the total amount invested in the Defi platform alone exceeds 100 billion dollars. Meanwhile, Vitalik Butterin, co-founder of the Ethereum network, became one of the youngest dollar billionaires. Butterin, which owns 365000 Ethereum, will rise further in the rankings with this trend. Even the 140000 Ethereum that Butterin sold for $ 70 million in the past is now worth around $ 450 million. 

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