Ethereum refreshes record closer to Visa

Up to $ 4000, Ethereum has reached a market value of almost half a trillion dollars. Leaving Mastercard behind, Ethereum has set its sights on the seats of Visa and Samsung. We seem not to be expected much.

Ethereum - AronBoss

Ethereum, which maintains a steady line after equalizing its previous highest value, surpasses world giants one by one in terms of market value. After PayPal, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, it was time for companies with a value of half a billion dollars. 

Ethereum on new record

Ethereum, which beat the $ 3000 level and then the $ 3500 level before taking a breather, is now reaching the $ 4000 mark. The second largest currency in the market reached a market value of 447 billion dollars. Daily trading volume was also 50 billion dollars. 

As such , the market value of Ethereum surpassed industry giants such as Mastercard, J&J, and JP Morgan . Next is Visa with $ 482 billion, TSMC with $ 488 billion and Samsung with $ 500 billion. If the rise continues, it is possible that it will leave them behind in a short time.

Even the soaring transfer fees and the popularity of the Binance network did not affect Ethereum. We can say that Ethereum’s only competitor, which is almost 5 times higher than its closest competitor. Its mining focus, Defi and smart contract system seem to have no rivals thanks to its good fit. 

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