Epic offers Sony $ 200 million to bring PS exclusive games to the Epic Store

It turned out that Epic Games made an offer of $ 200 million to make 4-6 different PlayStation special games exclusive to its store. Sony doesn’t have an answer yet.

Epic offers Sony $ 200 million to bring PS exclusive games to the Epic Store - AronBoss

New documents continue to emerge from the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple . It has been revealed how much Epic Games has spent on free games so far, how much has been spent to make Borderlands 3 special, and how much money has been spent on all exclusive games. Epic Games’ offer to PlayStation has emerged this time 

Epic Games Wants To Bring PS Games To Its Own Store

According to the documents revealed in the case, Epic Games made an offer of $ 200 million to Sony . According to the offer, Epic Games wants to bring 4-6 different PlayStation exclusive games to PC and only be available on the Epic Store . Some points in the offer are not clearly explained. It is not clear whether he is offering $ 200 million for each game or whether this is his total bid. In addition , there is no explanation about what games are.

It is not known what Sony’s response to this offer is, but it must be said that Sony and Epic Games are quite good . Recently, Sony had invested in Epic Games for the second time . 

PlayStation exclusives Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are among the PS exclusives coming to PC, but neither is Epic exclusive. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said more PS exclusive games will be coming to PC in the future . Perhaps these games come with the Epic deal.

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