Epic Games buys ArtStation

Epic Games, which is on the agenda due to its free games, Fortnite and its recent lawsuit with Apple, bought ArtStation. You can find the details in our news.

Epic Games , whose lawsuit with Apple is currently ongoing , has made another purchase recently . Epic Games buys ArtStation .

Opened after CGHub’s death in 2014 , ArtStation is generally a platform where artists upload their own work, more precisely, artists create their own portfolio . A site where almost all of the designers working in the game world have profiles.

Apart from uploading the works on this site, these works can be sold on the market by the artists . This acquisition by Epic Games will apply here as well as the favor it does to game developers. Normally, the artists’ share of these purchases was 70% . However, after the Epic Games acquisition, the share of artists increases to 88% . In addition, training videos on ArtStation will be free throughout the year 2021. To ArtStation from here you can reach.

Except for the innovations we have mentioned, the site will continue with the same design and function . It is nice that Epic Games is not limited to the investments it makes in games.

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