Elon Musk Shifts to Discussing DOGE After Posting “Free Britney” Tweet


The biggest Dogecoin (DOGE) supporter, Elon Musk, was frequently toying with the price of Dogecoin by posting memes on his Twitter page.

The biggest Dogecoin (DOGE) supporter, Elon Musk, has often played with the price of Dogecoin by posting memes on his Twitter page. Today, Musk responded to a “I sold my wife” joke about DOGE. Musk sent a sad face emoji to the owner of the comment.

This answer of Elon Musk was actually associated with how carefully investors should make their investments. This is essentially the principle that investors should adhere to in any cryptocurrency .

Musk Joins the “Free Britney” Campaign

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX shared a post on Twitter to support Britney Spears and join the list of celebrities who have done it.

Last year, Britney filed a court request to be sacked as guardian of her father’s legacy, leaving that role solely to the Bessemer Trust Company. The Los Angeles Superior Court denied his request and officially announced the decision on June 30. Now celebrities have launched a “Free Britney” campaign on social media and Elon Musk has joined them.

However, Doge fans didn’t care much about the “Free Britney” incident and turned the subject back to DOGE. One of them complained about the losses he suffered in Dogecoin, which Elon Musk frequently supports with his tweets (mostly memes).

The unhappy DOGE owner used a popular meme to tell Musk that he lost a lot of money in Dogecoin (and had to sell his wife on the darknet). For DOGE holders, the Tesla CEO is only associated with this cryptocurrency, and so no matter what he tweets about, people are somehow attracted to Dogecoin.

Tesla CEO responded to this comment by sending a sad face emoji.


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