Electricity from solar and wind could meet 100 times global demand

 The report published by London-based think tank Carbon Tracker revealed that electricity from solar and wind can meet 100 times the world’s energy demand.

It is now a known fact that we need to stop using fossil fuels in order to leave a livable planet for future generations. Looking at the steps taken in this area, it is possible to say that human beings are on the right track. The report published by London-based think tank Carbon Tracker shows that investment in renewable energy sources is playing the right horse .

According to the organization, considering the 10-year average as a result of the recent decreasing costs, solar energy capacity has grown by an average of 39 percent and wind energy capacity by 17 percent. When the said ratios are hit on the numbers, it seems that quite striking data have emerged.

Renewable resources, which stand against global energy consumption, which was determined as 65 thousand terawatt hours in 2019, are very strong. Solar energy technologies, which currently have the potential of producing 5.8 million terawatt-hours of electricity per year , come together with the potential of both onshore and offshore wind farms of 900 thousand terawatt-hours, resulting in a potential equivalent to 6.7 million terawatt-hours.

It is useful to remind once again that these figures unfortunately reveal the potential. Because only 0.01 percent of these data have been realized in the field of solar energy and 0.16 in the wind energy field.

The African continent can become a leader

The phase of energy generation from renewable sources, which is currently attractive, will become much more pronounced by 2030. In today’s conditions, 60 percent of solar energy potential and 15 percent of wind energy can be produced at more economical costs than fossil fuels.

The shining star of renewable energy seems to be the African continent . Sub-Saharan African countries, which can obtain at least 1000 times the energy demand from sun and wind, are in the top ranks in the report, which includes 4 categories of “extremely high”, “high”, “adequate” and “low” according to the country’s potential. The adequate category, including our country, has the potential to meet all domestic demand from sun and wind.

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