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  • 1. Open your Steam client, click “Games” in the top menu and choose “Activate a Product on Steam…”
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions and insert your key.

Eden Falling is a new kind of multiplayer, sci-fi, turn-based, strategic survival RPG.

As a chosen survivor you travel the wastelands, craft, take on contracts, hunt feral mutants, and navigate the merciless politics of a savage new Earth. Make Your Mark on the world and create your legend!

About Eden Falling:

Eden Falling is a blend of tabletop role-playing and video game mechanics. It is a turn-based strategy game that features endless, immersive gameplay possibilities and rich, player-driven stories for character progression. 

Eden Falling is a continuously evolving world, where the Player, their companions, and family members, along with a host of other NPCs, can grow and develop along with it. 

Eden Falling is set in post-apocalyptic North America. Players will explore this dynamic future world, ripped apart by natural disaster and political conflict. As they struggle to survive, they can also affect lasting change and shape the world in their own image.

Learn more about Eden Falling on Steam!

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