EA confirms that multiple EA employees sell FIFA cards to players for thousands of dollars

One of the most popular game series in the world is undoubtedly FIFA. Millions of people buy FIFA games released every year. However, the real profit of the game is the player cards on the FIFA Ultimate Team side of the game. In order to get these cards, players buy various packages and leave their work to chance. For a long time, it has been debated whether this situation is gambling or not. Recently, there has been an incident related to these cards.

It turned out that an EA employee recently sold FIFA Ultimate Team cards to players for thousands of dollars. After the incident, posts started to be shared on Twitter with the “EAGATE” tag and the incident grew even more. EA has also confirmed this situation recently.

For now, EA’s research on this event continues. However, in recent hours, it has emerged that one or more people are selling cards to the players. EA has announced that all purchased cards will be deleted and players who purchase will be blocked indefinitely.

Studies are currently in progress for the employees who sell the card. When it is learned whether the employees did it themselves or their accounts were seized, the legal process will begin for the employees according to the situation.

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