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EA buys Playdemic for $1.4 billion, making a major investment

The development of the mobile game industry has attracted EA’s attention. The company added Playdemic, which owns the Golf Clash game, with which it agreed for $1.4 billion, among its new investments.

EA made a new investment in the mobile game industry by purchasing Playdemic , known for its Golf Clash game , for $ 1.4 billion . Although the company is mostly focused on sports games today , Playdemic plans to transfer its experiences to future mobile games and considers using Golf Clash’s mechanics with other series. The biggest reason EA bought Playdemic is thought to be the Golf Clash game. The game, which has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store , has attracted a lot of attention. EA acquired Playdemic for the half-billion

consisting player network for a new offer mobile experiences aims . This acquisition will add more than 15 mobile games to the EA side, including casual games and sports games.

The mobile game industry has started to make a big leap in recent years , and this leap has also become the focus of big game companies. Activision , which EA sees as its rival, bought Candy Crush Maker King for 5 billion dollars in 2015, and Blizzard, which we know with Candy Crush’s big games,It has exceeded its earnings. Many popular computer and console games such as Call of Duty, Valorant, Fortnite and Apex Legends owned by EA also have mobile versions.

$4.7 billion investment in 6 months

EA has been continuing its investments since December to grow in the mobile game industry . In December, it acquired Codemasters , which we know for its racing games, for $ 1.2 billion , while in February it acquired the mobile developer Glu for 2.1 billion . EA, which made an agreement with Metalhead Software , known for its Baseball games, in May, shows us that it will continue to make large investments in the sector by finally acquiring Playdemic .

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