EA appoints Call of Duty’s general manager to head the Battlefield series

Electronic Arts has added an extremely important name to the company for an important task. The general manager of the Call of Duty series became the head of the Battlefield series.

The first two names that come to mind when it comes to FPS in the game world are undoubtedly Call of Duty and Battlefield series. We can say that these game series, which have a similar style, have been in competition for years. Recently, an important name has taken over the Battlefield series .

Byron Beede Takes Head of Battlefield

According to the news of IGN, Byron Beede , the general manager of the Call of Duty brand , transferred to Electronic Arts. Byron Beede will serve as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Battlefield at Electorinc Arts . Byron Beede had previously worked on Destiny outside of Call of Duty .


Electornic Arts is currently working on a new Battlefield game . The new Battlefield is expected to be released later this year. In addition, EA is also working on a Battlefield game developed for mobile. With this recruitment, EA seems to be trying to grow the Battlefield brand even more.

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