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DxOMark begins battery tests for smartphones: first list published

French analysis firm DxOMark, which tests the cameras, screens and speakers of smartphones, will then examine and score the batteries of the devices. 

French analytics firm DxOMark has added a new category next to camera, speaker and screen reviews. DxOMark will now also include battery performance reviews . The new battery protocol includes more than 100 parameters. It is stated that the time passed in the tests takes around 150 hours for each device.

What do the DxOMark battery tests include?

In order to understand how a smartphone will perform in real-life use, 3 main determinants are used in tests performed in similar scenarios. These parameters are battery autonomy , charging and efficiency . In the calculation of points, autonomy is 50%, charging 33% and efficiency 17%.

In the autonomy  criterion, various common use cases are checked to understand power consumption and therefore battery life. Tasks such as searches, browsing social media, playing games, browsing the web, playing videos and music are performed by robots. Each smartphone spends 4 hours of daily global average usage time in this test.

The time spent on charging has started to shorten, especially as fast charging has come to an important position . Another criterion examines how long a phone is fully charged and how much power can be added to the device with short 5-minute charges at various predetermined levels. In addition, while the devices show 100% charge, it is also checked whether the battery continues to charge.

In terms of efficiency , parameters such as how much energy is required for a full charge versus the capacity of the battery, idle power consumption and software-based optimizations to get the highest backup from the current battery are examined.

The First List Has Been Announced

In the first list announced by DxOMark, 17 smartphones were evaluated. Samsung Galaxy M51 with a battery capacity of 7,000mAh comes first, followed by Wico Power U30 second and OPPO Find X3 Neo third. iPhone 12 Pro Max , on the other hand, took the fourth place in the list.

Olivier Simon, Director of Battery Evaluation: “While battery performance is critical for consumers, they have negligible pre-purchase information to understand which device will best suit their needs. Specifications such as MAh and W do not represent actual battery performance. It depends on a combination of factors, including selection and optimization of power management software. Using our end-user focus, we aim to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions. ” said.

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