Dogecoin breaks record after record, 30 times higher in 4 months

Dogecoin, which was only 2 cents earlier last year, has reached the 30 cent limit today. Patient investors pocketed a significant profit. There is still significant purchase volume.

Dogecoin crypto money, which started as a joke in 2014, is not full of records. DOGE, which was launched in values that cannot even be expressed with the definition of Cent, has increased more than 3000 times today and has billions of dollars in value.

DOGE made history

The Dogecoin project, which was launched by a group of enthusiasts in 2014, did not actually address much of a purpose and was aimed at entertainment. DOGE, which was produced around 130 billion, helped people to be satisfied by keeping hundreds of thousands or millions of coins in their wallets.

Finding buyers at a hilarious $ 0.000085, DOGE started its real rise in the middle of last year. Especially with Elon Musk’s announcement that it is his favorite coin and his shares escaping speculation, he saw a rapid rise depending on the general movement of the market.

DOGE, which passed through the 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent dams, has passed the 35 cent limit today. DOGE has increased more than 3000 times compared to the first day. Compared to 4 months ago, it has increased approximately 30 times. The market value has exceeded the $ 38 billion mark. So it would not be wrong to say that patient investors own Lambhorgini.

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