Different advantages will be offered with a paid Twitter subscription

A new subscription system recognized as Twitter Blue will offer features such as retrieving posts, creating Collections and receiving focused news posts. 


Twitter, which increased user interaction considerably during the pandemic period, is slowly starting to create suitable revenue paths. Preparing a user-oriented subscription service called Super Follows, Twitter also works on a function-oriented service. 

What is Twitter Blue?

In the lines that appeared in the codes of the Twitter beta application , signs of a new service called Twitter Blue were found. It is stated that the Twitter Blue service will offer subscriptions with prices starting from $ 3 per month. 

It is stated that Twitter Blue subscription will have the Undo feature that allows you to edit the posts and the Collections feature where you can organize the recorded posts. These features will be available in the basic subscription. More expensive subscriptions will include extras such as the recently purchased news subscription service Scroll and mail subscription service Revue. 

It is a question of how much such subscription systems of Twitter, which we are used to using for free, will cost, but it is thought that fees as low as $ 3 may give a chance. No official statement has yet been made for Twitter Blue. 

Different advantages will be offered with a paid Twitter subscription - AronBoss
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