Days Gone developer is developing a new open-world game for PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio, the developer of Days Gone, one of the popular games of PlayStation 4, is developing a new open world game. 

Published by Sony and developed by Bend Studio, Days Gone was one of the popular games of PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the game does not continue for now, but the studio is working on a new game.

A New Open World Game Is Coming From Days Gone Studio

In times past  PlayStation Studios president Hermen Hulst ‘ s PlayStation blog published an interview over. A lot of new information emerged in this interview. One of this information came from Bend Studio, the developer of Days Gone. According to the interview,  Bend Studio is currently working on a brand new open world game . This game will be a new IP , meaning it will be a production we haven’t seen before. According to Hermen Hulst, the studio is improving the open world dynamics it created in Days Gone with this game.

Unfortunately, no further statement has been made about the studio’s new game . According to a report published by Bloomberg in the past months, Sony canceled Days Gone 2 and the studio started a new game. We can say that this news confirms the news of Bloomberg.

According to Jason Schreier’s report,  a team inside Bend Studio was working on Uncharted’s new game, but the studio left the Uncharted project to make a game of its own . Also, according to Jason Schreier’s report, Bend Studio’s other team is currently helping Naughty Dog develop a multiplayer game. Most likely the online mode of The Las of Us , which was announced earlier  

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