Cryptocurrencies are in sharp decline.

Bitcoin lost about 10 thousand dollars overnight, reaching as low as $ 51800. Afterwards, it recovered to the level of $ 55000. The market has also turned upside down.

After a little shaking last week, Bitcoin, which was in a position to push the level of 65 thousand dollars, especially with the effect of the opening of the Coinbase platform to the stock market, turned upside down on the weekend.

How long has Bitcoin been?

As people stay away from cryptocurrencies on weekends, the volumes are low and there can be large bounce or fall movements. Bitcoin, which has been in decline since last night, suffered a great loss.

As of yesterday, when it was hovering around $ 60700, Bitcoin dropped to around $ 51800 and lost almost $ 10,000. Thus, he injected the lowest level in recent weeks.

Ethereum , which has also bounced in recent weeks, has dropped from $ 2500 to $ 2150. BNB drops to $ 467 levels, while XRP finds buyers at $ 1.28, LTC at $ 257 and TRX around 13 cents. DOGE , the booming unit of the last days, held on to around 30 cents and was not affected by the decline.

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