Crucial unveils its first DDR5 RAMs

The first DDR5 RAMs started to be prepared before the platforms on which they will be used. Following the Chinese memory manufacturers, Micron exhibited its own DDR5 RAM models.

Micron, which provides memory to Chinese RAM manufacturers that produce shared DDR5 kits in recent weeks, this time exhibited RAM modules.

Crucial showcases its own kits

Crucial’s DDR5 RAMs are in both UDIMM and SODIMM formats. However, the company UDIMM is only 8 GB in capacity as it contains fewer modules in the kit . The SODIMM kit, which is mostly used in laptops and compact systems, offers a capacity of 32 GB .

Memory operating at 4800 MHz requires 1.1v voltage at this level . The CL 40 value , which is also shared in the solutions of the Chinese manufacturers we shared recently, seems standard for DDR5-4800 MH z. We ‘ll have to wait for Intel’s Alder Lake processors for the first DDR5 systems .

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