Corsair breaks records in quarterly tables

Making use of the pandemic process very well, Corsair increased its profit margin, especially on the peripheral side. The component division also generated significant revenues.

One of the best earners of the pandemic era was Corsair. Increasing interest in games and computer systems reflected positively on the company. Although it does not generate as much revenue as the tech giants, it achieves record rises and profit margins in its own right. 

Corsair storm

According to the first quarter figures of the company, which is traded as Corsair Gaming , the total revenue was 529 million dollars and an increase of 71 percent was achieved on a yearly basis. The gaming and general peripherals segment grew 131 percent to $ 175.9 million. Gaming and general system components grew 51.9 percent to $ 353.5 million.

The total profit of the company, which stated that it was experiencing one of its best periods, increased 100 percent to 160 million dollars. The gaming and general peripherals segment increased by 211 percent to $ 68.9 million. Gaming and general system components grew by 61.9 percent to $ 91.5 million. It is understood that the profit margin in peripheral units is very high. 

With an operating profit of $ 67.3 million, the firm recorded an impressive 404 percent increase. Net profit, on the other hand, increased by $ 58.2 million, again 420 percent. During this period, the company reduced its debts to $ 177 million. The fact that the tables were pleasing also increased the expectations. For the year 2021, the company has increased its revenue expectation to 2.1 billion dollars. 

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