Compass functionality reverts to the Android version of Google Maps

Google developers announced that they have added the compass functionality, which was removed a long time ago, to the Android version of Google Maps.

Google developers were known to have decided to turn the compass widget into Google Maps’ Android app. According to reports, this decision was made under pressure from the Google Maps community, who were dissatisfied with the widget’s disappearance.

A small widget next to the map was removed from the app in early 2019. Later the developers announced their intention to “make the browsing screen cleaner”, but not all users of the service liked it. Now, Google representatives have confirmed that the compass has returned to the Maps app for Android with these words:

“You asked for it and we heard it! We are excited to announce that the compass has returned to Maps for Android. Developers said the compass was removed from Maps for Android in early 2019 to clear the navigation screen, but it is back thanks to great user support.”

Continued use on iOS devices

It was noteworthy that the compass was not removed from the iOS version of the application and was offered to users with Apple devices all this time, and this was one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction of Android-based device users. Now the compass returns to its place, it will appear in the sidebar as before it was deleted. The red compass arrow points north, and this can be useful in determining the direction of travel.

According to available data, the compass was restored in Google Maps version 10.62 regardless of the user’s region of residence. You can update the application immediately on the Play Store platform.

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