Co-founder of brain implant startup Neuralink leaves the company

Max Hodak, who founded Neuralink with Elon Musk, announced that he left the company a few weeks ago on his Twitter page. Musk, on the other hand, has not made any statement on the subject.

Neuralink CEO Max Hodak suddenly announced that he was leaving the company he founded with Elon Musk in 2016 . Hodak posted this on his Twitter page and said he had n’t worked with Neuralink in a few weeks .

Max Hodak did not explain the reasons for his departure . Instead, he wrote that he had learned a lot at Neuralink and would remain his supporter even after leaving. Elon Musk did not comment on this news and did not say goodbye to his partner in any way . It is not yet clear how much damage Max Hodak’s untimely resignation will do to Neuralink .

Elon Musk is used to resignations

The company recently demonstrated its brain implant technology on a monkey, and the monkey was implanted with a wireless chip that could play ping-pong with power without the help of a physical controller.

Musk is no stranger to high-profile executive breakups. Because Tesla’s top executives had left the company similarly before. While Hodak’s case is not an immediate sign of a severe division within the company, it certainly raises many questions.

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