Clubhouse attack spreads 1.3 million records

Attention if you are a clubhouse user! You may be among the 1.3 million people whose important data such as username, Twitter account, Instagram account have been leaked to the internet.

Last February, it was understood that there was a cyber attack on the Clubhouse platform and some records were leaked to the internet. The increasingly popular platform suddenly became the favorite of attackers.

1.3 million people affected

It is not known whether the incident was related to the month of February because there was no statement from the platform. In the event that the SQL database was obtained, it was determined that the records of 1.3 million people in total were stolen and distributed free of charge on hack forums.

The records contain very comprehensive data such as name, photo, Twitter account, Instagram account, number of followers, number of people followed, the date the account was opened and the inviting user. In other words, all the mobility of a person can be seen in these leaks.

With the leak of the database, there will be phishing activities against Clubhouse users and attacks to obtain Clubhouse passwords. Users are required to be careful against such attacks.

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