Clubhouse Android version opened to global access

The voice chat application Clubhouse, which has been in beta for a while, is finally opening to global access on the Android side. Starting this week, users will be able to download the application. 

Clubhouse Android version opened to global access - AronBoss

Clubhouse, the most controversial social media application of the last period, has come out of its beta process for a while and started to be accessible to Android users globally as of this week. 

Clubhouse Android ready

The developer team had stated that they wanted to maintain a limited beta program until the summer, but due to intense interest, global reach was probably a little earlier. As of this week, the Clubhouse Android application has been available for everyone.

Clubhouse application will continue to be invited again. Thus, each user is enabled to invite people close to him to the ecosystem. In addition, the waiting list method also helps to be a filter. 

Clubhouse, which tests new features such as mobile payments and paid content, also makes improvements on the server side. Millions of iOS users who are on the waiting list during the summer period will also be approved. 

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